Spread the word, not the bacteria

Legionella Awareness Day is on 30th AUGUST 2017 - spread the word or contact TechRight Environmental, Water Hygiene & Legionella Control Services, NI

Legionella Awareness Day - 30th AUGUST 2017

Reported cases of Legionnaires Disease have increased by 35% this year alone. In England and Wales, 80 people have died from the disease in the last five years, not including those that were left seriously ill or with effects on long-term health.

This silent killer is EASILY preventable.

Join us for Legionella Awareness Day on Wednesday 30th August 2017 and help raise awareness and learn how to keep safe from this avoidable disease. For more information see www.legionellaawarenessday.co.uk/

Tips to Avoid Legionella